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Performance Edge provides clear, powerful, and effective solutions to the challenges that organizations face when dealing with the human side of change & transformation. We focus on frameworks and strategies that enable you to accelerate results and achieve business excellence through the application of transformational disciplines in your day-to-day interactions. Our work is an ideal companion to leaders who are endeavoring to achieve sustainable results during times of organizational change, transformation, and strategy realization.

Create Individual, Team & Organizational Breakthroughs

Our technology is based on fifteen transformational disciplines that help shift outdated paradigms and create new behaviors. These shifts bring about a more adaptive, flexible and resilient workforce as well as sustainable results for organizations that are going through complex changes.

Our work is outlined in the following books:

At a fundamental level, our work focuses on creating transformation at the individual level, then moves into creating strong relationships at the team level and finally moves into organizational transformation through leadership & action. There are six books which focus on these areas and are specifically targeted to move individuals through a journey of transforming themselves, their relationships and the results they create together.
For Practitioners, Coaches or Change Leads


Our Foundational Work on Fifteen Disciplines & Practices That Create Personal & Organizational Breakthrough

For Leaders


Authentic Leadership: Empowering Others To Achieve Results

For Teams


High Performing Authentically Engaged Teams. Creating Alignment and Velocity Within teams At All Levels

For Strengthening Relationships with Others


Engaging the Six Building Blocks of Connected Relationships

For Building Personal Authenticity


Building Personal Authenticity

For Understanding Self, Culture & Biases


Who or What is Thinking For You? How our Perceptions Hold Us Back from What is Possible

Tools & Resources for Practitioners, Coaches and Change Leaders

We offer a host of tools, exercises and activities which help educate leaders of transformation on how to create change & transformation at all levels of the organization. Below are some examples of the tools we offer:

Build Awareness

These tools help build personal awareness through Mindsight and Mindfulness. They are designed to help an individual uncover what gets in the way of being able to engage and contribute fully.

Being personally aware causes shifts in one's thinking and helps people engage with others more effectively. The models in this toolkit are:

1- Mindfulness
2- Being Authentic
3- Addressing Attitudes
4- Dealing w/ Mistakes & Failure
5- Process of Transformation

Strengthening Relationships

These tools help people to engage authentically, respectfully and neutrally in order to create common ground & shared success. These toolkits help create alignment and remove interpersonal barriers.

1) Generous listening,
2) Giving and receiving feedback,
3) Collapsing resistance and tension,
4) Resolving conflict, and
5) Checking in with others.

Transformational Leadership

These tools designed to uncover behaviors within the leader that get in the way of employee engagement, productivity and delivering results. The models in this toolkit will help leaders to:

1) Increase engagement,
2) Reach new levels of inclusion,
3) Leverage Differences
4) Empower their people,
5) Drive personal growth & continuous learning,
6) Achieve optimal/unprecedented results.

Accelerate Results

These tools help create focused and intentional action. They are designed to help teams move in the "fog of change" in a more strategic way. These tools help people focus their energy on the right activities, at the right time, as they engage with others. The models in this toolkit help in:

1) Investigating current reality,
2) Co-creating agreements,
3) Enrolling key stakeholders,
4) Holding conversations for action,
5) Living an unhurried life.

Our Services


Our consulting efforts focus on helping organizations create conditions for High Performance and Authentic Engagement. Our methodology diverges along two paths; one for leadership and the other for employees. Both paths transform how individuals within an organization connect, interact and accelerate results together.


Our methodologies around organizational/team effectiveness are focused on obtaining desired results. We do this by helping transform personal, interpersonal, team and leadership interactions and getting people outside their own perceived limitations and on to generating creativity, innovation and collaboration.


We provide tools, training's and certification programs that help organizations create high performing and authentically engaged employees. We offer self-guided, audio, video and on-line learning programs, as well as instructor led courses. Our content is relevant, engaging and just-in-time!

Our Products- Tools, tools, and more tools!

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