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The models, concepts and frameworks we provide are the latest in the industry and created specifically for the transformation and alignment of belief systems, mindsets and paradigm shifts needed within an organization. They shift the way employees and leaders think, behave and relate to what is happening within the organization and in turn, transform how they work and interact with one other.

Levels 1 & 2

 Tools for Transforming Interactions

There is nothing that will squashes results faster than a lack of awareness, strained relationships and ununified action. The tools available in levels 1 & 2 will help remove those barriers. They are part of the employee path and help people get off of auto-pilot behaviors and into being intentional, present and focused with others. Our framework enables people to get outside of their own preconceived limitations in order to generate more creative energy, focused collaboration and tenacious resilience.

Individual Level

Developing Mindsight & Mindfulness

Build Personal Awarness

These tools help build awareness through Mindsight and Mindfulness at the Individual Level. They are designed to help an individual uncover what gets in the way of their personal engagement and being able to contribute fully.

Being personally aware causes shifts in one's thinking and helps people engage with others more effectively. The models in this toolkit are:

1- Taming the Brain
2- Being Authentic
3- Addressing Attitudes
4- Reinventing Your Relationship with Mistakes & Failure
5- Commitment to Transformation

Team Level

Strengthening Relationships & Building Connection

Strengthening Relationships

These tools help strengthen relationships at the Group Level. They are designed to help work through relational issues that block communication and waste time & effort.They also teach people how to engage authentically, respectfully and neutrally in order to create common ground & shared success.
Learning to be mindful of self and others changes the dynamics of a team. The models in this toolkit are:
1) generous listening, 2) giving and receiving feedback, 3) collapsing resistance and tension, 4) resolving conflict, and 5) checking in with others.

These frameworks help create alignment and remove interpersonal barriers.

Levels 3 & 4

Tools for Shifting Mindsets & Behaviors

There is nothing that squelches engagement and productivity faster than inauthentic leadership and a corporate culture that is at cross purposes with the results they desire. The tools available in levels 3 & 4 will help create an awareness of outdated mindsets & behaviors and will help shift old paradigms in order to remove these barriers. They are part of the leadership path and help organizations identify rigid hierarchies, resource gaps and process/procedures that hinder employee engagement & productivity.

Leadership Level

Leading Authentically – Head & Heart

Leading with Head & Heart

These tools help develop authentic leadership. They are designed to uncover behaviors within the leader that get in the way of employee engagement, productivity and delivering results.

The models in this toolkit will help leaders to:

1) Increase confidence, connection and efficacy, 2) Break through to new levels of inclusion, 3) Create an environment that makes people feel valued and seen as key contributors, 4) Empower people to pursue their goals with freedom & passion, 5) Take personal responsibility for personal growth, & continuous learning, 6) Transform processes and systems that hinder the organization from achieving optimal/unprecedented results.

Orgranizational Level

Preparing for Accelerated Change

Shifting the Culture

These tools help create focused and intentional action. They are designed to help teams & departments move forward in a more strategic way.

An organization which clears & prepares the way for optimal results creates shifts in their culture and opens up possibilities for transformation as well as breakthroughs.The models in this toolkit are:
1) Investigating current reality, 2) Co-creating agreements, 3) Enrolling key stakeholders, 4) Holding conversations for action, and 5) Living an unhurried life.

These disciplines help people focus their energy on the right activities, at the right time, as they engage with others.

“Shifts” Are Possible…
These Tools Will Help You Make Them Happen!

When the cultural environment in an organization is complex, chaotic and destabilizing due to change initiatives, it brings a high level of uncertainty into the emerging landscape. That makes your job as a practitioner even harder!  No matter what your field of practice….the tools available in this Community of Practice will help you cultivate an organization that is more open, flexible, adaptive and engaged.  We understand how difficult your job is…but, with the right tools, information and knowledge…your life just got a little easier!

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