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An organization cannot truly transform unless they have shifted the mindsets and behaviors of the leaders and individuals who work for them. When implementing complex transformational change, many leaders forget that one of the biggest challenges is often cultural in nature. Culture change within an organization can be extremely difficult because people don’t have an experience of—or can’t see—what the future for them will look like.
Transformation is a messy venture when you are working with people. We believe that most change efforts fail because there is not enough understanding on what transformation means at the human level nor do they understand how to engage it. This is where we excel.
Our strategies are designed to help create true transformation at the individual level while overall transformations are taking place at the system level. Our philosophy deals primarily with the human aspect of change can be applied to any part of an organization that is seeking to accelerate results.


We love coaching! It’s one of our core passions. Our Coaches are a unique breed. We are facilitators of transformation. We are thought leaders, change-makers, guides, cheerleaders, and more specifically… people who care about your success.

Trying to figure out how to get to the next level of performance on your own can be confusing, frustrating, and paralyzing. That’s where our coaching can be very helpful. Let us help you build a blue print for success!

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Organizational Effectiveness

Our organizational effectiveness methodologies accelerate an organizations ability to achieve business excellence through the application of transformational disciplines in day-to-day interactions. Our methodology contains two paths, one for leadership and the other for employees.

The leadership path helps transform leadership behavior and creates a new way of being. The transformational disciplines on this path create breakthroughs at the system level and prepare leaders to authentically include, engage, and empower employees in order to achieve optimal and unprecedented results.

The employee path transforms how individuals within an organization connect, interact and accelerate results together. Our transformational disciplines lead to breakthroughs at the individual and team level and create higher levels of engagement, performance and customer satisfaction.


Our Consulting services are based on transformational disciplines which help shift old and outdated paradigms to new and transformational paradigms. These shifts bring about more adaptive, flexible and sustainable results to organizations or teams that are going through complex or disruptive changes. We do this by helping organizations set the right conditions for transformation within their corporate culture.

Once these conditions are set, the process of transformation takes its generative path to create higher levels of performance and authentic employee engagement, especially in times of change and uncertainty.

The models, concepts and frameworks we use are the latest in the industry and created specifically for the transformation and alignment of belief systems, mindsets and paradigm shifts needed within an organization. They shift the way employees think, behave and relate to what is happening within the organization and in turn, transforms how they work and interact with one other.


Performance Edge provides tools, training and certification programs that help organizations create conditions for high performance and authentic engagement.This is done by training professionals & leaders on how to:

  • Increase the levels of confidence, connection and efficacy between individuals and teams so they can break through to a new level of performance and productivity.
  • Create an environment that makes people feel valued and seen as key contributors; and empowers them to pursue personal, career and corporate goals.
  • Develop commitment and personal responsibility for personal growth, continuous learning and the process of discovery.
  • Review and transform processes and systems that hinder people from being fully engaged and clearing the way for optimal/unprecedented results.

Our learning modules are designed to catalyze transformation, authenticity, connected relationships, authentic leadership and generating optimal / unprecedented results.
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The results you can expect from our services are:

Increased productivity and performance

Increased employee engagement

Increased capacity to produce sustainable results

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