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Simplifying Life for What Matters Most

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Today's Thought Provoking Video

Adam Baker

Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.

TEDxAsheville- Length: 19:19   Updated: Dec 16, 2011


In 2008, after the birth of his first child, Baker and his wife decided to sell everything they owned, pay off their consumer debt, and spend a year traveling abroad as a family. They began sharing their journey in early 2009 on the blog Man vs. Debt, now 15000 subscribers strong. In sharing their ups and downs in the areas of personal finance, consumerism, clutter, travel, minimalism, and passionate entrepreneurship, they realized they aren’t alone in a desire to explore and grow.

Today's Inspirational Video

Jed’s Adventure:

Posted By: Kenny Laubbacher on Vimeo

Length: 4:13


Jed’s radical choice to quit his job and ride his bike across the world is a perfect challenge to the rest of us to get out of the routine and make some scary decisions. If you’re afraid of a decision ahead of you, you’re probably on the right track. Choose it.!

Today's Quote for Contemplation

Print or write out this quote and put it somewhere you will see it often.
Over the next week, make an effort to notice the quote – and each time you do, ask:

i) “What is this quote teaching me today/now?”  &
ii) “What WILL I do with it and/or HOW can I apply what I’m learning?”

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