What Does It Really Mean to Be Authentic?
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What Does It Really Mean to Be Authentic?

Today's Thought Provoking Video

Mike Robbins

The Power of Authenticity

Posted by:  TEDxGreenbrookSchool – Length: 19:44 · May 21, 


Mike talks about “The Power of Authenticity,” which is one of the core elements of his work and the key theme of his book Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken. As Mike discusses, it’s our ability to be authentic and vulnerable that gives us true freedom in life and allows us to connect with others in a real way.

Today's Inspirational Video

Don’t Be Perfect

Posted By: Lewis Howes

Length: 5:18


This video has clips and music that is transformative in a positive sense, he takes clips from various sources to help create an atmospheric feeling that will help people in different situations in their life. Be it overcoming hard challenges, giving them more fuel in various sporting scenes or act as hope for those who need to hear encouraging words.

Today's Quote for Contemplation

Print or write out this quote and put it somewhere you will see it often.
Over the next week, make an effort to notice the quote – and each time you do, ask:

i) “What is this quote teaching me today/now?”  &
ii) “What WILL I do with it and/or HOW can I apply what I’m learning?”

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